Quality Engineered Products Co.      Tampa, Florida
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Quality Engineered Products Co. is a manufacturer of hollow metal doors and frames located at 4506 Quality lane in Tampa Florida. Also available are architectural wood doors and commercial door hardware.  
​Since 1961 Quality has offered steel doors and frames for commercial applications throughout the State of Florida and even out of the country. Our doors, frames, windows, sidelights, transoms and storefronts are manufactured locally in Tampa, Florida. We manufacture a full line of hurricane tested doors and frames, fire rated doors and frames, louvered doors, sound doors and x-ray doors. Door construction consists of steel stiffened, polystyrene and urethane core doors depending on the requirements specified. Our engineering and hardware support staff can help you with any questions that may arise, and our manufacturing facility can produce doors and frames to meet your delivery timelines. We deliver our materials to the job site with our own trucks.